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'No Smoking Art'
Paintings help promote a
tobacco-free lifestyle
the Phoenix area at such venues as:
  • Area High Schools
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  • Community Health Fairs
  • 'Addiction Incorporated' Workshop
    This sponsored by the Arizona Department of Health
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Would you like to increase interest in your health
event while doubling it's effectiveness? Mr. Ortiz
will display his
over 25 dramatic and unforgettable
at your gathering, free of charge.
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A tragic personal example of asbestos/tobacco smoke pollution exposure synergism:
The Honorable Dennis Cahill, long time former member, Tempe City Council, now has the synergistic multiplier breathing difficulty impact of incapacitating Lung Cancer and Pleural
Mesothelioma. He was a bricklayer by profession with asbestos exposure at building sites, plus was widely exposed to breathing everyone else's Tobacco Smoke pollution at both his
work and at smoky meeting rooms and restaurants in the days before the 2002 Tempe Healthy Smoke-Free Workplaces Voter Initiative. The Tempe Healthy Smoke-Free Workplace
Initiative was passed by the people of Tempe in May 2002, because Dennis Cahill as a Tempe City Council member was the only one in late 2001, out of the 7  members willing to
even consider a Smoke Free law to protect all workers from workplace smoke pollution hazards by City Council action. The other 6 members did not dare show public support at their
City Council meeting for even allowing discussion on their agenda for an ordinance to protect workers from smoke pollution exposure health risks. The other 6 members , except
Dennis Cahill were actually also privately somewhat cautiously personally supportive, but did not dare say so publicly. They had been intimidated into inaction and public silence, when
threatened by some dissident bar owners, to have them all voted out by recall elections, if they dared vote for creating Smoke-Free workplaces, including protecting bar employees
from workplace Smoke pollution.

Please see the rest of the article
This addition of the Mesothelioma Center  to our "Arizonans Concerned About Smoking" website, sounds very reasonable
and appropriate. It is the multiplier combination of asbestos exposure and tobacco smoke together that has a tremendous
synergistic negative disease multiplier impact. (Asbestos and tobacco smoke has been reported as having
69 times the
additive synergistic damage impact of tobacco exposure alone). The damage together goes well beyond the individual
impacts of either tobacco smoke alone or asbestos exposure by themselves.                  ACAS President, Dr. Lee Fairbanks  
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ACAS Policy Recommendation:
Wherever "No Smoking permitted"
areas apply, it includes
"No e-cigarette emissions
"What are electronic cigarettes? Are they safer than conventional
    "Until more is known about the potential risks, the safe play is to say
    no to electronic cigarettes."
Please read full article here: Mayo Clinic Health Info
"Electronic Cigarettes Harm The Lungs"
    "Electronic cigarettes, seen by many as a healthy alternative to
    tobacco smoking, do cause damage to the lungs, scientists from
    the University of Athens, Greece, explained at the European
    Respiratory Society's Annual Congress 2012, Vienna..."
Please read full article here: Medical News Today
"What are electronic cigarettes?"
    "Electronic cigarettes or ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery
    systems) are devices whose function is to vaporize and deliver to
    the lungs of the user a chemical mixture typically composed of
    nicotine, propylene glycol and other chemicals, although some
    products claim to contain no nicotine. A number of ENDS are
    offered in flavours that can be particularly attractive to
    adolescents. Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are the most common
    prototype of ENDS."
Please read full article here: World Health Organization
"E-cigarettes are evolving rapidly and being
marketed like cigarettes were in the 1950s and
    "Marketing is back on television and radio,
    aggressive placement in convenience stores
    (next to candy) and in other stores, and youth
    are rapidly adopting e-cigarettes"
Please read full article here:  Background Paper
on e-cigarettes

CVS to End Sales of Tobacco
Products in Oct.
Please click here for full story!
...Note that the CVS Pharmacies new policy of: "No Tobacco Product Sales" after
2014 includes "
No e-cigarettes until FDA regulation."

There  are quite a number of commendations for this policy and its total package
policy to include "No e-cigarettes until FDA regulation" being expressed.

While some others disagree, I and my "Arizonans Concerned About Smoking"
colleagues think this total package inclusion of "No e-cigarettes" is wise at this stage in
the history...

Take home message from all this:  
(CVS pharmacy policy is wise and to be
Heated e-cigarette emissions contain chemical reaction toxic contaminants not found in
FDA research approved Nicotine replacement products at room  temperature.  They
have no place in legitimate designated clean air "No Smoking" areas in Arizona, at this
time. Research to determine if they have a possible harm reduction role for addicted
smokers should be done, but not in Non-Smoking areas to contaminate shared clean
air breathing space of others.
From an email dated 02/05/14 by ACAS President Lee Fairbanks:
Our Purpose Is
To Save Lives
American Lung Association's Position on Marijuana Smoke: HERE
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ACAS Advisory: If you are looking at apartments to rent in Arizona, ask about their smoking policy!
"Is smoking allowed? If so and you move in, realize that you, your family
and pets may be negatively impacted by harmful 2nd-hand smoke!"
If you want more information about non-smoking multi-units, contact Arizona Smoke-Free Living at 602.258.7505 or info@azsmokefreeliving.org.
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Title: When You Give Up Smoking It's A Different World
Date: ca. 1988
Copyright Information: National Heart Foundation of Australia
* 5th Annual ACAS Health Leadership Award
50 Years Fighting Smoking Addiction By
CAPT Ron West, CDR Thomas Addison, and CDR
Karen Kilman, read it
** 2014 Health Leadership Inductees Presentation
by ACAS Executive Director
Philip Carpenter, read it
Los Angeles bans e-cigarettes in public places
Los Angeles —  Los Angeles lawmakers voted Tuesday to ban e-cigarette use in public places where tobacco smoking is prohibited, including work places, restaurants and bars.
The LA City Council agreed by 14-0 to outlaw their use in indoor workplaces, outdoor dining areas, parks, recreational areas, beaches, bars and nightclubs where lighting up is banned.
So called "vaping" lounges and stores will be exempted, in line with exceptions made for cigar and hookah lounges where tobacco smoking is allowed, as will using e-cigarettes for "theatrical
The battery-powered devices, marketed as aids to quit smoking, allow users to inhale a nicotine-laced vapor, but experts say not enough is known about the effect of chemicals involved, on
smokers or those around them.
"Safer does not mean safe," said the LA County's public health director Dr. Jonathan Fielding. "Although they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, some e-cigarettes contains some health
He added that e-cigarettes have grown into a "$1.5 billion industry that has caught the attention of big tobacco which historically has had scant regard for public health."  (Copyright © 2014 AFP)